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Shi Qingluo was indeed the disciple of the old immortal.

She was indeed smart, the troublemakers of the Xiao family thought.

They had never thought of doing this.

Previously, they only wanted to beat Ge Chunru to death.

However, it was unrealistic.

Xiao Yuanshi would not allow this to happen.

Perhaps after they left the capital, he would not help his eldest nephew to pave his career.

Shi Qingluos idea was too good.

Before they left, they had to rope in a woman that would ensure that Xiao Yuanshi was in safe hands.

While they dealt with Ge Chunru, they could also sow discord between them.


Old Lady Xiao and the others listened with great interest.

“Anything else”

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “I only said one idea just now.

Now, its the second one.

“Doesnt Ge Chunru care about her little brother Then you guys can strike hard and not give him a chance to stand up again.

“Or you can think of a way to deal with her brother and let her have a taste of what you guys are going through now.”

The troublemakers from the old Xiao family clapped their hands.

“Thats right.

We should let her have a taste of her own poison.”

They had freaked out just now.

If Xiao Hanzheng had not been able to cure Eldest Grandson Xiaos illness, they would be really worried.

They asked, “Then what should we do”

Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes.

“Dont ask me everything.

Use your brains to think about this.”

Let the troublemakers explore themselves.

They could only nod.

“Alright, then well think about it ourselves then.”

Old Lady Xiao thought for a moment and asked, “Is that all

“I dont think we can let the matter of my grandson being harmed by his concubine go just like that.”

After all, all these ideas were secretly linked to that little hoof.

She wanted to vent her anger, so were the other members of the old Xiao family.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “Of course, we cant just let it go.

“This is a big vulnerability.

Why dont you guys exploit it

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“In the future, be it controlling Ge Chunru or Senior General Xiao, this attack would be very damaging.”

She winked at the old Xiao family with an insincere smile.

“If outsiders know that the generals wife intentionally had bought a brothel girl with a vicious disease and deliberately harmed the generals nephew, then…

“If this were to be spread, would Senior General Xiao still be a good person”

Xiao Hanzheng and his wife would let the old Xiao family exploit this leverage.

When they had to settle their score with them in the future, they would definitely let the entire capital know about this.

Old Lady Xiao nodded.

“Of course, he isnt.

The outsiders saliva scolding them will drown them.”

“But we dont have any evidence either.

It is definitely that womans doing, but she will not admit to it.”

They didnt have the ability to investigate.

Shi Qingluo said, “It doesnt matter if she doesnt admit it.

Just insist on it.

“In any case, just say that she was the one who did it.

“You will go to the prefectural magistrate at the capital to report it.

“If she doesnt admit it, get the officials to investigate and decide what to do next.

“As long as she did it, there will be traces.

“Since she is the mastermind, she definitely wont dare to let you report it to the officials.

“General Xiao wouldnt allow it either, so you just have to make good use of this leverage.”

Old Lady Xiao couldnt help but pat her leg.

“Aiya, why didnt I think of reporting it to the authorities

“Youre still the smartest girl.”

This time, she was sincerely praising her.

Thats right, her second son and that little hoof valued their faces the most.

In the previous incident, when they went to report it to the authorities, the two of them were afraid.

If they were to threaten them with the authorities now, they would definitely react similarly.

The old immortals disciple was really smart.

She looked at Shi Qingluo regretfully.

How wonderful would it be if this girl had married her eldest grandson back then.

Her gaze caused Shi Qingluo to have goosebumps, so she changed the topic.

“Arent you guys going to the northern border for Eldest Grandson Xiao to take up his duties How can you do that without money

“Just say that you want to buy him high quality medicine.

Then, threaten to take more than half of the generals warehouse items with you.

“If Xiao Yuanshi and his wife dont agree, just say that you will report it to the authorities.”

Not only would Ge Chunru be angered till she vomited blood, even her husband would vomit blood too.

Furthermore, with Tao Liu doing the talking, Xiao Yuanshi would definitely vent his anger on Ge Chunru.

After all, many of the things the troublemakers had done was to take revenge on Ge Chunru.

As time passed, wouldnt there be some cracks in their sincere and loving relationship

Just thinking about the generals residence would already be exciting.

Moreover, the troublemakers of the old Xiao family had brought so much money to the northern border, so they probably wouldnt target the commoners on the streets.

This was killing several birds with one stone.

The eyes of the old Xiao family members lit up instantly.

“Right, with Eldest Grandson Xiaos current situation, if they dont pay for his treatment, we will report it to the officials.”

Aiya, why was this girl so smart

They had been worried that they wouldnt be able to live such a good life in the capital after going to the northern border.

When Shi Qingluo saw that they were excited, she reminded them, “You still have to be prepared.

“Tell the general and his wife clearly that if you are robbed on your way to the northern border and even killed, they will be liable for it.

“You will also ask someone to seek justice.”

They had to prevent this.

Otherwise, it would be a pity if Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father or that woman became desperate and killed them during their journey there.

This useful weapon should not be broken now.

When Old Lady Xiao and the others heard this, they could not help but think of the bitter days when they were robbed on their way to the capital.

They immediately shivered.

“Yes, yes, we have to be careful.

Those two beasts are very vicious.

They might find someone to snatch the money back.”

Snatching their money was equivalent to taking away their lives.

This method was too good.

Last time, they had threatened them like this, so Xiao Yuanshi did not restrict their movements.

This time, they had to write it down and give this letter to a few more people.

If something really happened to them, they would get someone to sue them.

If Xiao Yuanshi really did such an inhumane thing, they did not need to give him the benefit of doubt.

Of course, they felt that the possibility of that vicious woman doing something behind their backs was very high, so they had to be on guard.

With a face full of gratitude, they said to Shi Qingluo, “Zhengers wife, its all thanks to you.

Otherwise, we would have almost fallen for that poisonous womans trap.”

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“Its fine.

I also wish that all of you are doing well.”

She said even more bluntly, “After all, I also hate that venomous woman.”

Old Lady Xiao smiled and said, “We understand.

The enemy of ones enemy is ones friend.”

She did not dare to say that they were a family anymore.

She was afraid that Shi Qingluo would attack them again, and she did not want to make this powerful girl unhappy.

After sitting for a while, the old Xiao family couldnt wait to take the prescription written by Xiao Hanzheng to the medicine shop.

Then, they went back to the generals residence to settle the score with Ge Chunru.

After they left, Shi Qingluo smiled at Xiao Hanzheng and said, “If that woman knew that sending the old Xiao familys troublemakers to us would eventually cause her to cry after being stabbed in the back, I wonder if she would be so regretful of her actions.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled as he reached out to hold her hand.

“Not only would she want to cry, she would also want to vomit blood.

“A clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.

She is a good example.”

In his previous life, Ge Chunru had been able to succeed because he had lost consciousness due to his poor health conditions.

This time, the troublemakers were liaising with his wife to tackle this smart woman, of course she would suffer a backlash.


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