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The old Xiao familys cognitive ability was really worrying, and Shi Qingluo had no choice but to come out and guide them.

She was really kind!

The old Xiao family members asked, “What do you mean by alerting our enemy”

Shi Qingluo explained, “Whats so good about your grandson that others want to harm him

“A woman with such an illness usually doesnt come from somewhere great.

“She is asking you to find my husband.

Isnt it because someone told her to do so”

The old Xiao family found this argument logical.

Shi Qingluo looked at Eldest Grandson Xiao and asked, “Many people in the capital know about the reward my husband and I received, but none of you know about it.

“Did that woman encourage you to come here Such as praising my husband and even implying that we are unfilial since we didnt take the initiative to visit the Xiao family.

“Or even saying that we had made a great contribution and it would be better if your family could benefit from it.

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“This matter also assures that my husband will have a bright future ahead.

Since both of you are cousins, your future will be better if the two of you support each other along the way.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao widened his eyes and exclaimed, “How did you know”

This woman was really too strange.

That was almost what his concubine whispered to his ear last night.

Looking at Eldest Grandson Xiaos body language, other members of the old Xiao family knew that Shi Qingluo had hit the nail on the head.

All of them looked at her in shock.

Shi Qingluo sighed, the troublemakers in the old Xiao family really had a worrying cognitive ability.

A smart person would be able to guess easily how he would be instigated.

But of course, she wouldnt say that.

With an enigmatic smile, she said, “Have you all forgotten something very important”

“What is it” Old Xiao was a little confused.

Shi Qingluo pointed at herself and said, “I am the disciple of the old immortal.”


Then, she added, “With a snap of my finger, I will know what other people are up to.”

The key was that the old Xiao family really believed her.

Thats right, how could they forget that she was the disciple of the old immortal.

That heaven-gifted seeds were given by the old immortal, and even the emperor acknowledged it.

This meant that the old immortal was especially powerful.

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As the disciple of the old immortal, it seemed to be within expectation for Shi Qingluo to be able to know all of this.

Old Lady Xiao was being manipulated, and her expression was extremely ugly.

“That b * tch actually encouraged us to look for you guys to make trouble.

This is simply outrageous.

“Who was the one giving her the instruction to do so” She actually had some guesses.

Shi Qingluo smiled and blinked.

“Im not at liberty to reveal it to you.”

She continued, “Who dislikes you guys Who doesnt wish Eldest Grandson Xiao to be successful Who can do such a thing in the capital You guys can go and find out for yourselves.”

At this moment, even Mdm Wang, who was the least intelligent of them all, reacted.

“Then it must be that little b * tch, Ge Chunru who did it.

“Ever since her younger brothers future was ruined after his leg was chopped off, the way she looked at our eldest son is unsightly.”

Mdm Wu added, “Only she knows the route that he would take, and then buy a woman to portray as a girl selling herself in exchange for someone to bury his father.

Its so simple for her to do this.”

She was even more disappointed and fearful.

Fortunately, her son failed in his competition with Eldest Grandson Xiao over the woman, and they were not very close to each other.

She said with an ugly expression, “That woman is really vicious.

She even deliberately let that shameless concubine sow discord between Eldest Grandson Xiao and Xiao Hanzheng, trying to prevent peace in our house.”

Old Lady Xiao was furious.

“Vicious, she is really vicious.”


Not only that, she had also instigated them to look for Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo to cause trouble today.

Wasnt this also causing Xiao Hanzheng and his wife to bear a grudge against them

Shi Qingluo was the disciple of the old immortal.

If the old immortal was unhappy, how could they have a good life

The old Xiao family could not hold it in any longer.

They scolded Ge Chunru in all they could, even Ge Chunrus parents.

Eldest Grandson Xiao was about to cry.

“Stop scolding.

Go back and scold them directly!

“Save me now.”

Hearing his words, the old Xiao family finally stopped.

They all looked at Xiao Hanzheng who was sitting calmly.

“Zhenger, save your cousin.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao also cried and begged, “Hanzheng, please save me.

From now on, My life is yours.”

The doctor said that his illness couldnt be cured, but he felt that his cousin could.

Xiao Hanzheng slowly picked up the teacup and took a sip.

Then he said, “Didnt you guys not believe me”

“Yes, we believe you now.” Eldest Grandson Xiao gave a look that seemed to suggest that he was prepared to do anything to convince Xiao Hanzheng further.

Xiao Hanzheng believed that the illness was a little tricky.

“It isnt easy to recuperate with this illness.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao said, “I know its not easy, but as long as it can be cured, its fine.”

He really did not want to die.

As for his beloved concubine, who had been calling himdarling every day, he just wanted to chop her up to feed the dogs.

Xiao Hanzheng thought for a moment and said, “You have to take good care of yourself.

Use medication to recuperate your body.”

“You cant touch women for a short period of time.

Theres still hope for you to be cured in about three years.”

He said this as he was afraid that Eldest Grandson Xiao would think that he was already rotten and would harm other innocent women.

He actually felt that it wasnt a bad idea that his scumbag father wanted to throw these troublemakers to the northern border.

Of course, he would not forgive these people with the unsettled scores in his previous life.

If his little wife wasnt around, his sister would have been dragged along to be buried with him while he was unconscious.

Moreover, if not for his little wifes instigation, these people would continue to be manipulated by Ge Chunru to deal with him similar to what happened in his previous life.

Therefore, those who were pitiful must have done something previously that caused others to hate them.

He didnt sympathise with Eldest Grandson Xiao at all.

It was good enough for these troublemakers to go to the northern border to suffer.

It could also deepen their hatred toward the scumbag father.

For example, the little wife said that a spark of fire could start a prairie fire.

After accumulating their hatred for Xiao Yuanshi, they would make a greater show once Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng brought them back to meet Xiao Yuanshi.

And because of that, he now had to give Eldest Grandson Xiao hope for others to put their hopes and wishes on.

Eldest Grandson Xiao truly could not die yet.

When Eldest Grandson Xiao heard that, he asked excitedly, “You mean, I still have some hope.”

Shi Qingluo said, “Isnt it obvious My husband is the disciple of a divine doctor.

If he said that theres hope for a cure, then there is.

“However, you cant commit the things that he had warned you about.

Otherwise, if you fall sick and die, itll be your own fault.”

She was also afraid that Eldest Grandson Xiao would go to the northern border and bully the common men and women, so she reminded him again.

Eldest Grandson Xiao was about to cry.

He was about to die, so he definitely would not commit a crime!

“I will definitely listen to Hanzhengs advice.

I will definitely not commit these offences.”

Xiao Hanzheng looked at him indifferently.

“I will give you a prescription.

Go back and purchase the medicine and consume it for nine days.

“Then, according to your bodys condition, I will give you another prescription for you to continue taking for three years.”

Obviously, this prescription would not allow Eldest Grandson Xiao to recover, but it would minimally suppress his illness.

For the first time, Eldest Grandson Xiao felt that this cousin of his was a good person.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

Xiao Hanzheng stood up and went to his study room to write the prescription.

When the old Xiao family heard that there was still hope for Eldest Grandson Xiao to recover, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

Hence, they could not help but start scolding Ge Chunru and her woman again, and even Xiao Yuanshi.

Shi Qingluo was speechless.

“Whats the use of cursing them here”

Old Lady Xiao said, “Ill vent my anger first.

When I go back, Ill definitely tear that woman apart.”

Mdm Wang and Mdm Wu also looked like they were ready to tear Ge Chunru apart.


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