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After hearing what Xiao Hanzheng said, the emperor pondered for a moment.

“Sure, I will instruct the palace attendants to issue you a pass.

You can go and look at the recent examination papers any time.”

He added, “By compiling the examination papers, you can also add in these examination questions.”

“Then, you can also let your teacher and others participate.

“Wait until you become a high scholar, or even a juren (舉人), we can print out these examination questions.”

Xiao Hanzheng was an elementary scholar now, so it was not a good time to do so yet.

The emperor felt that since they were going to do it, they should do it big.

It was not interesting to target only tongsheng, so it was better to create a complete set of examination question books for tongsheng, high scholars, and juren (舉人).

Over the years, even for the selection examination for officials, most who stood out were the descendants from aristocratic families.

In order to increase the diversity of better performing students with more from a humble background, this examination question bank would be a good start.

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He roughly yet vaguely expressed his intention.

Xiao Hanzheng knew the emperor very well, and he could immediately understand the hidden meaning behind it.

He nodded and smiled.

“Your Majesty is right.

Ill start compiling it first and wait until the end of next years selection examinations for officials before printing it.

“I will also discuss it with my teacher.”

The emperor liked smart people.

“Mr Hou has taken in a good student.”

Then, he asked casually, “You only want this as your reward”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and replied, “Being able to offer the seed is all thanks to the efforts of my wifes teacher and her master.

I am already very content to gain fame and glory together with my wife and be able to browse through the past examination questions.”

Now was just the right time.

Although it would attract a lot of jealousy, it would not draw too much hatred.

If the emperor lavished rewards on them, it would not be good if it was too eye-catching.

One day, he would earn a high status in society compared to his previous life.

What he needed wasnt the rewards, but actual achievements.

The emperors eyes revealed a rare hint of admiration.

“Ill leave it up to you.”

He did not believe that Xiao Hanzheng did not come up with a plan to offer the seeds.

Was It really that coincidental Along with the rumours that were not good for him, the heavenly-gifted seeds emphasised that he was the chosen one destined to rule the empire.

Although the emperor felt that he was indeed the chosen one, he did not think it would be so coincidental.

In addition to Xiao Hanzhengs performance today, he believed that he was talented.

The emperor chatted with Xiao Hanzheng for a while and asked a lot of questions.

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Xiao Hanzheng shared with him more insights.

The emperor was very satisfied, but at the same time, he felt a little regretful.

Why was Xiao Hanzheng still an elementary scholar

Seeing that it was almost time, the emperor let Mo Qingling leave with Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

After they left, the emperor picked up a memorial, but he was not able to focus his mind to read it.

He thought of what Xi Rong had said to him a few days ago.

Xiao Hanzhengs wife was not simple.

She had many things in her mind that were more beneficial to the nation and its people.

She was also an expert at making money.

Any idea she came up with could make money.

His niece even pulled Shi Qingluo to open a cosmetics shop together.

It was not a simple task to make that arrogant niece of his admire her so much.

Moreover, Xiao Hanzheng was also a talent that he would find useful.

It was just that he had to wait a little longer for Xiao Hanzheng to become a high scholar and then a juren.

He ordered, “Announce for Mr Hou to enter the palace.”

The palace attendant immediately said respectfully, “Yes, your Majesty!”

Before Xiao Hanzheng and Mr Hou could leave, Mr Hou had already been invited to enter the palace.

The emperor first praised Mr Hou for having a good student.

Then, he roughly repeated Xiao Hanzhengs request and utterance.

After that, he sighed.

“The imperial court really lacks young and promising talents.”

Mr Hou immediately understood.

He suggested with a smile, “Your Majesty, you can consider having a special examination, enke (恩科)to select and train the most talented youths in advance.”

The emperor raised his eyebrows.

“Having an enke”

Mr Hou nodded.

“Receiving the heaven-bestowed high yield seeds is a grand celebration for all.

It is justifiable to have an enke.”

As expected, Mr Hous words were precisely what the emperor wanted to hear.

“What you say makes sense.”

The emperor changed the topic and asked, “Your student, Xiao Hanzheng, if he took the enke, does he have a high chance of becoming a high scholar”

Mr Hou was shocked.

The emperor wanted to host the enke mainly because of his little disciple

He should have included Shi Qingluo as well.

Mr Hou, an experienced man in the imperial court, was shocked and excited, but he did not reveal it.

He smiled and said, “Hanzheng has a strong grasp of knowledge.

I dont want to brag, but not only is it not a big problem for him to be a high scholar, he also has a chance of being ranked in the top three.”

Xiao Hanzheng was the most intelligent student he had ever taught.

Not only was he smart and displayed consistent performance in his studies, his situational awareness was also great.

He was a talent in the government sector.

That was why he dared to say such words.

The emperor was a little surprised.

“This is the first time Ive heard you praise a student like this.”

Mr Hou smiled and said, “This student of mine is indeed not bad.”

There were many times when one did not need to be too modest in front of the emperor.

He shouldnt let go of the opportunity giving him the recognition he deserved.

The emperor then changed the topic and smiled as he chatted with Mr Hou about other matters.

When Mr Hou returned to the courtyard, Xiao Hanzheng came up to him.

Xiao Hanzheng reached out to support Mr Hou.

“Teacher, youve worked hard!”

The more Mr Hou looked at his little disciple, the more he liked him.

He was smart, sensible, mature, and filial.

Very good.

To be able to make the emperor host the enke, he could be considered the first in Daliang.

However, he could not say this out loud.

He could only guess at the emperors thoughts.

He said, “Lets go to the study room and have a seat.”

Xiao Hanzheng knew that his teacher had something to say.


The two of them went to the study room.

Xiao Hanzheng saw that there was a Gongfu tea set in the study room, so he offered to make tea.

After making the tea, he handed him the cup.

“Teacher, please enjoy!”

Mr Hou took the cup of tea that his disciple had brewed and took a sip.

“Prepare yourself well.

Around February next year, there should be an enke.”

Xiao Hanzheng was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted.

He smiled and said, “I will prepare well and work hard to ace the exam.”

In his previous life, there was no such thing as an enke.

The emperor wanted to hold this celebratory examination and even called his teacher into the palace.

Could it be because of him and his wife

On the surface, he did not reveal his guesses.

If Mr Hou knew what he was thinking, he would definitely sigh that his little disciple was actually more cunning than an old fox.

Mr Hou smiled and said, “Its not that you have to work hard to ace the exam in the first attempt, but that you must in the first sitting.”

He added, “I said in front of the emperor that not only can you qualify to be a high scholar, but you can also get into the top three.”

The emperor obviously wanted to deploy his little disciple elsewhere, so it was very necessary for him to give his little disciple some pressure and urgency.

Xiao Hanzheng understood.

“I will definitely not let you down or bring you shame, Mr Hou.”

The generals residence knew the news of Xiao Hanzheng entering the capital instantly.

Xiao Yuanshi had people keep an eye on the time when Xiao Hanzheng entered the palace and left.

After hearing his trusted aides report, he gave a conflicted expression.

He had actually stayed in the palace for such a long time.

It seemed like the emperor had valued his son quite a lot.

Should he take the initiative to meet his son He couldnt help but feel conflicted.



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