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However, Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao didnt mind at all.

“Why not Of course we want this good deal.”

The two of them had always been flashy.

Moreover, people were increasingly paying more attention to ones appearance.

If you went to take the imperial examinations but looked too ugly, it was basically impossible for you to be ranked in the top three.

Being good looking would also give you an edge for employment or to be shortlisted as an official.

Therefore, the two of them did not hesitate and asked for the facial masks.

Shi Qingluo gasped.

“Alright, if you want to apply it on your face, Ill make one for you.”

Then, she looked at Fei Yuzhe and his nephew.

“What about the two of you”

Fei Yuzhe felt that this was something exclusive for women.

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They would be doing something weird.

“Forget about it.”

Hearing his words, Fei Congjun, who had been itching to do something, could only shake his head.

“No need.”

Hence, Shi Qingluo adjusted two sets of facial masks and taught Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao how to apply them.

Shi Qingluo asked them to wash up afterwards.

Liang Youxiao smugly touched his face.

“This facial mask is really good.

After I applied it, my face felt much smoother.”

Xi Rui also smiled and said, “I think Im even whiter.”

Shi Qingluo wanted to hold her forehead.

It was indeed smoother, but it didnt turn white so quickly.

Fei Yuzhe came over and looked at the two of them.

“You look really good.”

Suddenly, he regretted not asking for one just now.

Liang Youxiao looked at Shi Qingluo and said with a smile, “Qingluo, can you give me some of this mask Ill bring it back to give it to the elders at home.”

He would also keep two bottles for himself.

Xi Rui pursed his lips.

“Its fake that you want to give it to your elders, but its real to use it yourself.

“Im more honest.

I want two bottles for myself.

Of course, I will also give some to the elders.”

She continued proudly, “After applying it on your face for a period of time, Ill be like what you say – the prettiest kid in the capital.”

This originally came from Shi Qingluo, and she had heard it from Liang Youxiao.

Anyway, it was a good thing.

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She was the prettiest person in the capital.

Liang Youxiao rolled his eyes at him.

“The prettiest kid in the capital.

Qingluo was obviously describing me.

Dont hang out with us then.”

Shi Qingluo sighed.

She had enough of these two fellows.

Her husband was the prettiest one, Alright

Hehe, she thought to herself.

However, the males of this era really paid attention to their image, like those in the Wei and Jin dynasty, just not that exaggerated as the males back then did not apply powder.

However, its okay for those who upheld justice to be good looking.

She said, “Sure, I will give all of you for free.

Im sending some to Xi Rong as a gift anyway, so Ill adjust the cream composition accordingly and give you a few bottles as well.”

She was unsure if Liang Youxiaos biological father would ask them to revamp their looks if he saw his sons, daughters-in-law and his wife applying facial masks together.

Liang Youxiao and Fei Yuzhe beamed with joy.

“Youre so nice.”

This time, Fei Yuzhe could not help but come over with a smile.

“Qingluo, give me a few bottles as well.

Ill bring them back to my elders.”

“Shh!” These words caused Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao to despise him.

“You obviously want to use it yourself, yet youre still pretending.”

Fei Yuzhe remained silent.

He did not know these two b * stards.

If they saw through it, they should not expose him, alright

Shi Qingluo did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Alright, everyone will get a few bottles each.”

In the next two days, Shi Qingluo used honey, some Chinese herbs, flower extract, and aloe vera to make quite a number of facial cream.

They were sealed in porcelain jars and could last for about three months.

Each jar was affixed with a piece of paper describing its uses.

Depending on the age and the intended effect, the cream computation would also differ.

Xi Rong hugged her own bottles and wished she could kiss Shi Qingluo a few times.

“Luoluo, youre really versatile.

If I were a man, I would definitely marry you.”

She hated herself for not being a man!

Xiao Hanzheng, who was sitting beside Shi Qingluo, instantly darkened his face.

“Even if you are a man, its not your turn to marry my wife.”


What was this woman thinking

Xi Rui and the others, who were sitting beside them, thought to themselves, if there wasnt a Xiao Hanzheng, they could actually marry Shi Qingluo.

Xi Rong glanced at Xiao Hanzheng.

“Do you think I dont know that Luoluo was the one who came to chongxi

“If I were a man, I would have taken her away and married her long ago.

I wouldnt let you marry such a beautiful flower.”

Xiao Hanzheng chuckled and said proudly, “You are naive.

It was my wife, who fell in love with me back then and took the initiative to marry me.”

Therefore, he was really glad that he had a handsome face.


Shi Qingluo also smiled and agreed with him on this point.

“Thats true.

“My husband is so good-looking, who else can he marry”

She deliberately ignored the fact that Xiao Hanzhengs single-parent family made it more convenient for her to come and go.

Hearing his little wifes words, Xiao Hanzhengs dark face immediately lit up.

He did not care anymore and took the initiative to hold her hand.

Xi Rong remained silent.

She was jealous.

Xiao Hanzheng had actually conquered her Luoluo just with his face.

Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao thought to themselves, they did not look bad either.

Why was Xiao Hanzheng so lucky

They were jealous.

Xiao Hanzheng enjoyed the envious gazes from the others that his little wife was his.

They had no chance to get her.

A few days later, Mo Qingling received an urgent imperial edict from the capital.

The emperor asked him to escort the heaven-gifted seeds to the capital.

At the same time, he also asked Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo, who had offered the seeds, to come along to the capital as soon as possible.

Now, the imperial court needed reassurance.

So, Mo Qingling came to the Xiao family.

He looked at Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo and said, “Tomorrow, we will go to the capital together.

We have to leave on horse carriages at full speed before going there by sea.”

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment and asked, “I am a little seasick.

I wonder if we can get to the capital a little later

“You guys bring the heaven-gifted seeds to the capital first.

We will try our best to get there by a horse carriage.”

If they did not split up, how could the assassin bribed by Xiao Hanzhengs bad father appear.

Mo Qingling was stunned.

“You are coming late”

Werent these two afraid that he would take all the credit

Although he wouldnt do this, he could not help but sigh.

They were really generous.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and said, “My teacher is also going to the capital.

If we rush our way there, Im afraid that his body wont be able to take it.”

His teacher was also protected by the secret guards.

In addition, he and his wife both knew martial arts, so they didnt have to worry about their safety.

Hearing his words, Mo Qingling swallowed the words that he was about to persuade them.

“Okay, then Ill bring the heavenly-gifted seeds to the capital first.

Dont reach too late with the horse carriage.”

He looked at Xi Rui and the others and asked, “Are you going back to the capital with me, or with Jinyu and the others”

They were just about to speak.

They did not want to travel with Mo Qingling, who was becoming more and more cold and boring.


Shi Qingluo said first, “You can go to the capital with Magistrate Mo first.

“You saw the harvest of the high-yield seeds with your own eyes, and even tasted it yourself.

“Of course, you should go and offer the seeds together.

You can also tell everyone that this is true.”

They loved to be in the limelight, so they would definitely agree to it.

Otherwise, the assassin bought by Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father would definitely not take action against them.

They did not want to be lonely in the carriage.

As expected, they immediately responded, “Alright, then well go with Brother Ling.”

Liang Youxiao smiled and sighed.

“Seems like we have an important task at hand!”

Xi Rui added, “Thats right.

The seeds cant be offered without our presence.”

Fei Yuzhe smiled and said, “Weve been out for a long time.

Its time for me to bring Congjun back.”

Mo Qingling thought to himself, dont think that I dont know that you guys just want to steal the limelight.


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