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Shi Qingluo was also stunned by what these three idiots did.

No wonder Mo Qinglings face turned black.

Mo Qingling got people to look after on the corn and asked Shi Qingluo, “Can all of these be planted”

Shi Qingluo replied, “Not all.

After they are dried, we have to select those that are fresh, plump, with even-sized corn seeds.”

The corn had actually ripen earlier.

She had wanted to keep the seeds for a longer period of time, but now it had turned into old corn.

This was the first generation of the new variety seeds cultivated at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

They werent hybrid seeds, but seeds that she had nurtured with her spring water, so keeping the seeds for a longer period of time would not cause its yield to decrease.

If it was corn grown from hybrid seeds, then they wouldnt be able to plant the old corns seeds to achieve a similar yield..

“You can let the people in charge of farming in the capital do the selection.”

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Mo Qingling started to trust Shi Qingluo.

“When we go to the capital, you can tell them in detail about the selection and breeding.”

Shi Qingluo smiled and nodded.

“No problem.”

After harvesting all the corn, Mo Qingling brought his people back to the county to dry it.

It was mainly because he was worried about leaving the corn in the village to dry after the incident with Xi Rui and his friends.

At noon, Shi Qingluo and Xiao Baili cooked a few dishes with chilli.

The chilli seeds in her space were not particularly spicy, and were only considered medium spicy.

Therefore, dishes like stir-fried meat with red peppers and fried tofu were not really spicy.

As she ate these dishes cooked with chilli, she was extremely satisfied.

At first, the people present were not used to eating it.

Later, they began to like the dishes cooked with chilli.

Especially Xi Rui, who could even eat chilli with his rice.

“This chilli is delicious.”

Because it was his first time eating chilli, his eyes were almost red from the heat, but he could not stop.

Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “It tastes even better when its made into chilli sauce, especially when its added with the bean paste to make mapo tofu.”

She was tempted to eat it as she said this.

After the chilli was ready for harvesting, she wanted to make more bean paste and all kinds of chilli sauce and eat them slowly.

Xi Ruis eyes lit up.

“Then, you can make chilli paste and sell it to me!”

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Liang Youxiao was also very receptive to the spicy taste.

“I want some too.”

Xi Rong also liked the taste of the chilli.

“I want some too.”

Fei Yuzhe had neutral acceptance towards chilli.

He did not hate it or like it much, but he still joined in the fun.

“I want some too.”

Although Mr Hou was old, his spice tolerance was very high.

At first, he wasnt used to it, but the more he ate, the more he felt it was delicious.

“Count me in too.”

Shi Qingluo chuckled.

“No problem.”

“Ill send some to all of you after I make the chilli sauce.”

In the future, after harvesting chilli, they could sell them in large quantities to enrich the dishes available to the people in Daliang.

After eating, Mr Hou went for a walk in the courtyard to digest his food before going for an afternoon nap.

He had no intention of leaving at all.

Previously, when his little disciple invited him to stay, he was afraid of troubling him.

However, ever since he ate the Xiao familys meal yesterday, used the Xiao familys latrine and bathroom, and experienced the sofas and soft beds, he did not want to go back.


All of this in the name of tutoring Xiao Hanzheng on his homework.

After taking an afternoon nap, he sat under a big tree in the courtyard.

Sitting on a rocking chair, he drank Gongfu tea while he taught Xiao Hanzheng.

He felt more relaxed than he had ever felt before.

At night, there were different dishes and delicacies.

He was also more prepared to come and supervise and his little disciples to in his homework more frequently.

This time, Mr Hou also decided to go to the capital with them.

The main reason was that he was afraid that some people would be jealous of his beloved disciple offering the seeds.

He was afraid that they would do something bad behind his back.

Therefore, although he was very reluctant to leave the Xiao family, he still returned to the county town two days earlier to pack up his belongings.

After Mr Hou left, Xi Rui and the others, who were still holding back, started to fly again.

They ran into the mountains every day and came back to play cards together.

That day, Shi Qingluo couldnt be bothered to go up the mountain with them, and Xi Rong didnt go either.

Hence, Shi Qingluo made a mask from honey and asked Xi Rong, Mother Xiao, and Xiao Baili to apply it together.

Mr Hou wasnt around, so they didnt go back to their rooms either.

Instead, they sat under the tree with the masks and chatted.

Xi Rui and the others who had returned earlier were all dumbfounded when they saw the few women in the courtyard.

Xi Rui asked, “Why are your faces all ruined”

When Mother Xiao and Xiao Baili saw that the few of them had returned, they stood up and went back to their rooms in embarrassment.

Shi Qingluo and Xi Rong stayed behind to deal with them.

Xi Rong rolled her eyes at him.

“Your face is the one thats ruined.

Were applying facial masks.”

Previously, Shi Qingluo had placed a facial mask on her face.

After that, she felt that her skin was very soft.

Shi Qingluo also said that when she was free, she would make some porcelain-filled facial masks so that Xi Rong could bring them back to the capital.

In the future, Xi Rong could also make a facial mask according to this formula and sell it in their cosmetics shop.

Xi Rui asked curiously, “What is a facial mask”

Xi Rong replied, “Applying a facial mask can make your skin whiter and more moist.”

Xi Rui widened his eyes.

“Is this true”

It was also the first time that they had heard of facial masks.

Furthermore, they had never seen a female elder applying a facial mask before.

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“Of course its true.

“After Xi Rong is done washing up, youll know after you take a look.”

This was a natural facial mask made from wild honey.

She had even added a few drops of spring water in it, and the effect was still obvious.

After applying it, her skin looked even better.

Of course, it wouldnt have any heaven-defying effects.

It would just slowly improve and make her skin more moist and lustrous.

Adding the spring water could remove some impurities to make her skin fairer and more delicate.

And because of that, compared to when she first came, not only did she look much fairer, she also looked more limpid.

Xi Rong was hanging out with a group of hedonists, so she didnt mind letting them watch.

“Its about time.

Ill go wash up and let you guys take a look.”

She was quite happy to let these guys take a look and then go back to boost her cosmetics business.

Shi Qingluo also went to remove her facial mask and put on some moisturising skin care lotion that she made herself.

She had given Xi Rong two bottles previously.

Xi Rong went out, and Xi Rui came over.

He often played with Xi Rong, so he could see the difference.

“Not to mention, now your skin really looks fairer than when you first came here, and you look better.”

Xi Rong raised her chin proudly.

“Of course, dont you know who made the facial mask and skin care lotion

“It was made by the disciple of the old immortal, Luoluo.

How could it not be good”

On this point, Xi Rui was especially supportive.

“It has to be good.”

Shi Qingluo, who had just walked out, almost sprained her ankle when she heard the twos words.

These two were really too much.

When Xi Rui saw Shi Qingluo come out, he immediately smiled and said, “Shi Qingluo, were good friends.

What kind of facial mask do you have Youre only giving it to Xi Rong.”

Liang Youxiao also said, “Thats right.

Youre making her special.”

Shi Qingluo was speechless.

“If I give you the mask, will you apply it”

Her husband wouldnt.

Moreover, she could not imagine how an ancient man would look like with a facial mask..


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