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Ge Chunru saw Xiao Yuanshis darkened face and wiped the corner of her eyes with a handkerchief.

“Shi Qingluo even asked her parents to go to the county to sue others for hurting her.

“She actually said I was the mastermind behind those who harmed her.

This is too much.”

She had only received the news today and was furious.

Her people wrote that the entire Nanxi county knew that she had forced Mdm Kong and Xiao Yuanshi to part ways, and even sent people to destroy Shi Qingluos purity.

Although the letter did not mention the implications of it, she could imagine how the people in Nanxi county would scold her.

She had always been trying to build a good reputation, and the old Xiao family and Shi Qingluos continuous destruction of her reputation had driven her mad.

Therefore, she would not let it go.

Xiao Yuanshis face turned even darker.

“This is embarrassing.”

One should not hang ones dirty laundry to the public.

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This daughter-in-law of his did not find it embarrassing and spread everything to the public.

She was really detestable.

She had ruined his wifes reputation in his hometown, so his reputation would not be good either.

Ge Chunru asked with reddened eyes, “General, are we just going to let it go like this”

She knew that Xiao Yuanshi would not be lenient with Shi Qingluo after she had schemed and ruined her reputation.

Xiao Yuanshi sneered.

“Of course I wont let it go just like that.

“However, Ive received news that Liang Youxiao and the others have gone to Nanxi county.

Xi Rong is also going with them.

“She must have guards to secretly protect her, so Ill send someone to take action after they leave Nanxi county.”

No wonder Liang Youxiao and the others ran away from home to Nanxi county.

It turned out that they had schemed against him behind his back.

He could not swallow his anger.

Ge Chunrus eyes flashed, and she asked worriedly, “Will Zhenger be angry or take revenge”

Her people had repeatedly failed, and Tao Liu and her trusted aides had suddenly disappeared from the Shi family.

She had a bad predominition.


Therefore, for the time being, she wouldnt execute her plans personally.

She did not want to see Xiao Hanzheng at all, and definitely not seeing him becoming a high scholar or something greater.

Her younger brothers future was gone, so Xiao Hanzheng could not have it either.

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Xiao Yuanshi thought for a moment.

“I wont let him have a chance to take revenge.”

He did not want his sons life, but he could learn from Xi Rui to let his people cripple his sons writing hand.


Even if he wanted to take the imperial examination, it would be impossible.

Ge Chunru was relieved when she heard that.

She changed the topic.

“General, I heard that the second prince is going to take in a second queen”

Xiao Yuanshi nodded.

“Thats true.”

Ge Chunru did not beat around the bush and asked, “What do you think of my sister”

Xiao Yuanshi was stunned.

He clearly did not expect her to ask this.

“You want your sister to be the second princes second queen”

Ge Chunru sighed.

“One day, she saw the second prince and could not help but fall in love with him.

As her elder sister, my heart aches when I see it.

“So, if possible, I hope that her wish can be fulfilled.”

Xiao Yuanshi frowned slightly.

“With her status, Im afraid that its not enough for her to qualify as his second queen.”

These words were very tactful.

She was simply not good enough.

Ge Chunru was secretly in deep hatred.

Her family was clearly a large clan in the previous dynasty, but now they were being restricted by their broken status.

“General, I only have one sister.

Can you think of a way”

She held Xiao Yuanshis hand and continued, “If my sister is able to marry into the second princes manor, our lives in the generals residence will also be better.

“If she marries into the second princes manor with a too-low status, we will face humiliation.

She still has to endure more in the manor.

My heart aches when I think of it.”

Xiao Yuanshi had never thought of this problem before, but now, he felt that it was possible.

Now that he and the second prince were on good terms, they were somewhat on the same side.

If they were related by marriage, their relationship would be more secure.

“Ill go and look for the second prince in a few days time to find out more.”

Although he said so, he was confident that the second prince would agree.

Ge Chunru leaned into his embrace.

“Thank you for taking the time to do this, General.

My sister will definitely remember how good you are to her.”

Xiao Yuanshi smiled.

“Were a family.

Theres no need to treat each other like strangers.”

Ge Chunru was still recuperating, so Xiao Yuanshi left after sitting for a while.

He also instructed his men to buy assassins and head to Nanxi county and prepare in advance.

Then, he went to the yamen.

Along his way there, a carriage with broken wheels blocked their way.

Xiao Yuanshi was very frustrated.

He got off the carriage and was about to throw a tantrum.

“Move the carriage to the side first and let others pass first.”

However, he heard a pleasant and soft female voice coming from the carriage.

He was too embarrassed to let out the fire that he had suppressed.

Then, he saw a woman dressed elegantly and wearing a veil.

She had a dainty figure.

A servant girl supported her as she got off the carriage.

She smiled apologetically at him and ordered someone to move the carriage quickly.

Xiao Yuanshi saw that she wasnt old.

Although she covered half of her face, she was definitely a beauty.

He did not have any thoughts of getting his men to help to move the carriage.

The woman did not pester him to speak.

When the carriage moved to the side, she bowed to him and thanked him before turning around and getting into the carriage.

Xiao Yuanshi did not take this matter to heart.

It was only two days later that he met this woman again.

She was currently being teased and bullied by a few hooligans in the capital.

He had decided to take this route on the spur of the moment, so he did not think that it was a scheme.

Seeing the womans pitiful red eyes, Xiao Yuanshis desire to protect her was aroused, so he ordered his people to help.

After successfully chasing away the hooligans, the woman went up and thanked him.

She had also interacted with Xiao Yuanshi.

However, she did not deliberately take the initiative to approach him.

She was considerate while she spoke, just like a deciphering flower.

Therefore, when Xiao Yuanshi was bored, he would go to the courtyard where she lived to sit and talk.


In Xiaxi village.

Shi Qingluo brought Xi Rong and the others to the Taoist temple to pay their respects first.

This time, she did not make the master appear.

Xi Rong and Xi Rui went around the Taoist temple and lost interest.

Then, they asked Shi Qingluo to bring them to the mountains to explore hunting.

Because Xi Rong was there, after Xiao Hanzheng went to the county school, Shi Qingluo also brought her other guests along into the mountains.

If it was only Liang Youxiao, Xi Rui, and a few other men, she would definitely not go alone.

She had to avoid suspicion.

She did not delve deep into the mountains for the past few days.

Instead, she explored the outer area.

Xi Rui said, “Lets go deeper into the mountains.

The outer area is not fun.”

There was no point killing a few rabbits every day.

Xi Rong agreed.

“Yes, yes.

Luoluo, bring us deep into the mountains to play.

“Weve all brought our guards.

It is definitely safe.”

Liang Youxiao added, “I heard that if were lucky, well encounter ginseng and ganoderma in these deep mountains.

Lets try our luck.”

Shi Qingluo was also more interested in the deep mountains.


Fei Yuzhe uttered under his breath, sure enough, these few people couldnt stay idle when they were together.

Afraid that something would happen to them, he could only bring some people along to follow them.

After entering the deep mountains, Shi Qingluo held a small knife.

She would mark the tree after each step she took.

Xi Rong asked, “What are you doing”

Shi Qingluo replied, “Its very easy to get lost in the deep mountains and forested areas.

Ill mark it.

If you get lost, you can trace it to find your way out.”

Xi Rongs eyes lit up.

She had learned something.

“Luoluo, youre really smart.”

Shi Qingluo chuckled.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

They went deep into the forest and did not encounter any wild beasts.

Instead, they found a swarm of wild bees.

Shi Qingluo brought them to get some honey, which thrilled them.


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