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In the next few days, after Ge Chunru begged Xiao Yuanshi in tears, he invited the best imperial physician in the capital to look at his brother-in-laws leg he knew from his past networking.

In addition, a rumour began to spread among the dandies.

It turned out that General Weiyuan had the same hobby as the emperors uncle and already had some relationship with Ge Chunyi a long time ago.

Previously, many people did not believe it.

However, after seeing Xiao Yuanshi running around for his brother-in-laws broken leg, those who were still in doubt gradually began to believe it.

Who would care so much about their brother-in-law

Shi Qingluo had instigated Liang Youxiao to deliberately spread this news to others.

If they wanted to cause trouble, they had to set the context right.

She also did not want to harm Liang Youxiao, Xi Rui, and the old profligate imperial uncle while she taught Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father a lesson.

If the news spread that Xiao Yuanshi had a personal problem and had a relationship with Ge Chunyi, the gossipers would definitely feel excited.

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As more people talked about it, this rumour would gradually be transformed into reality as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

Similarly, if there wasnt any footpath, as more people walked along it, there would be one.

Thats right, it was Shi Qingluos idea to let the news spread that Xiao Yuanshi had a relationship with Ge Chunyi.

This would also cause that woman, her brother, as well as Xiao Yuanshi to be disgusted.

Then, Xi Rui made up a story for the emperors uncle after Liang Youxiaos persuasion.

Before Xiao Yuanshi realised it, this big gossip had spread far and wide beyond the capital.

After Xiao Hanzhengs people heard about it, they spread the news among the commoners in the capital.

Even some of the old men in the imperial court had heard about it from their younger generations at home.

They did not believe it since there was no evidence, but they still had some doubts.

Because of this, they looked at Xiao Yuanshi with a hint of speciality.

Xiao Yuanshi had been in the imperial court for the past two days, and always received some strange gazes.

He was very puzzled.

When he returned home, his little wife would pester him to investigate this and also find the best imperial physician for her brother.

Similarly, his brother-in-law became extremely sinister and wanted to take revenge.

He even insisted that Xi Rui was the one who did it without investigating further.

Hence, he was exceptionally annoyed.

So one day when his colleague from the Ministry of War asked him to go for a drink, he went.

He happened to run into the emperors uncle who was drinking with a group of hedonists, including Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao.

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How could the two of them miss the big show Of course, it would be thrilling if they saw it with their own eyes.

These two groups of people greeted each other downstairs and went up to their respective private rooms.

Very soon, the waiter came in with wine.

He set up the wine glasses and even poured wine for Xiao Yuanshi and the others.

There was a small layer of white powder in Xiao Yuanshis glass, but since the wine glass was made from white porcelain, one would not be able to see it without paying close attention to it.

The waiter quickly poured the wine so the white powder instantly dissolved in it.

The waiter left while Xiao Yuanshi and his colleagues raised their cups and downed the wine in one go.

Because they were not in a good mood, they drank quite a lot in a row.

As they drank, they felt that their bodies were a little hot, and the room was very stuffy.

He was not feeling well and wanted to go out for some fresh air, so he said, “Let me excuse myself for a while.”

His colleagues thought that he was going to the toilet, so they smiled and said, “Go ahead.”

Xiao Yuanshi stood up and looked like he was drunk with his blushed face.

Hence, he did not arouse anyones suspicion.

The moment he opened the door, Liang Youxiao and others were getting ready in another room.

Xi Rui immediately nudged the emperors uncle.

“Are you going to the toilet”

The emperors uncle understood.


So the other hedonists did not think much of it when the two of them went to the toilet shoulder to shoulder.

Liang Youxiao raised his wine cup and took a sip to conceal the smile on his lips.

This restaurant was very big.

There was a dining area in front and an inn at the back.

There was also a very large garden with a few communal latrines.

Be it those who came to dine in the restaurant or stayed in the inn, they would always come to the garden if they wanted to use the latrine.

Xiao Yuanshi went downstairs to get some air in the garden.

His body was getting more and more uncomfortable.

He felt that something was wrong, and his consciousness gradually became blurry.

He only wanted to do one thing.

At this time, the emperors uncle also went downstairs.

Xi Rui smiled and said, “You go to the bathroom first.

I drank too much just now.

Ill go later when Im feeling better.”

He had already seen Xiao Yuanshis blurry eyes and he did not dare to go over.

The emperors uncle got his hint.

“Okay, then I will go.”

He then walked towards Xiao Yuanshi.

This was also the path to go to the latrine.

At this moment, Liang Youxiao grabbed two other profligates along to get some fresh air.

The good show had begun.

Of course, he had to come quickly and spread the news in passing.

He happened to meet one of Xiao Yuanshis colleagues and called him along.

The emperors uncle came in front of Xiao Yuanshi and even greeted him with a smile.

“General Xiao, you are also going to the latrine!”

At this moment, Xiao Yuanshis eyes were blurry as saw a woman smiling at him.

Upon a closer look, he realised that it was his petite wife.


He instinctively went forward and pulled her to a guest room next to the garden.

Xi Rui smacked his lips when he saw this.

Fortunately, he did not go over just now.

Liang Youxiao also had the same feeling.

At this moment, Xiao Yuanshis colleague saw what happened just now.

“Who did General Xiao pull into the room just now”

A profligate said, “He looks like the emperors uncle.”

His colleague was puzzled.

“Why did he pull him into the room”

That profligate shrugged.

“Who knows Maybe its a business meeting

“Lets go.

Lets go and release our bladder first.”

So, the few of them went to the latrine first.

After coming out of the latrine, they were about to return upstairs but heard the emperors uncles shout from the guest room.

“What are you doing

“Dont go overboard, or Ill beat you up.

“If you continue like this, I wont be polite anymore.

“Its all because you forced me to.”

Others could hear the sound of tables, chairs, and benches falling to the ground from the room.

The two of them seemed to be fighting.

Those who heard these words were speechless.

What the hell was going on

Xiao Yuanshi was really gutsy to actually dare to beat up the emperors uncle.

The few of them did not think much.

Liang Youxiao could only come out and lead the way.

“From the sound of it, there seems to be something wrong!”

One of the profligates added, “I also feel that something is wrong.

What are they doing”

Liang Youxiao was suddenly stunned.

“I recently heard a rumour that General Xiao actually has the same hobby as the emperors uncle.

“Recently, his brother-in-laws leg was cut off and hes very anxious.

“He wasnt venting his anger on the emperors uncle, was he”

The others widened their eyes.

“Was he”

Xi Rui walked over at this moment.

“Lets go and take a look.”

Xiao Yuanshis colleague was more of a gentleman.

“Thats not very good, right”

Xi Rui smiled and said, “Why not Lets go!”

Liang Youxiao and the two profligates also joined in with Xi Rui taking the lead.

They walked towards the room but did not push open the door.

Xi Rui used his finger to poke through the window paper to take a look.


After seeing it, he said in an incredulous tone, “My God, I didnt expect the rumours to be true!”


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