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Ge Chunrus words made Ge Chunyi stunned.

He quickly got to his senses and said.

“Sister, are you the one who arranges a woman to pester Xi Rui”

Xi Ruis reputation was going from bad to worse.

He already had a bastard child before his marriage.

In the future, there would neither be any good nor powerful family to marry their daughter to him.

Although the public administrator house said that it was a misunderstanding, few people believed it.

Ge Chunyi was previously laughing at Xi Ruis misfortunate and didnt expect his sister to be the mastermind.

He was very touched that since young, anyone who bullied him or his sister didnt have a good ending.

He knew that his sister was behind this even before asking her.

He did not think that his sister was ruthless.

Instead, he felt that his sister did a good job.

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He asked worriedly, “Sister, does General Xiao know about this”

Xi Ruis background was so strong, and his sister had plotted against him for his sake.

If General Xiao knew about this, he would probably be unhappy.

Ge Chunru smiled.

“Of course he didnt know.”

If Xi Rui had not gone too far to break his brothers hand, affecting his ability to hold a pen and a sword in the future, she would not have been so angry to take revenge.

“Will the Xi family find out” If they found out, they might be at a disadvantage.

Ge Chunru gave him a comforting smile.

“I arranged it very carefully.

I deliberately let people cover the matters up so as to mislead them.

They shouldnt find out about us.

Dont worry.”

It wasnt the first time she had done something like this and she had never made a mistake.

Hearing her words, Ge Chunyi was relieved.


He finally managed to vent the anger.

When he gained some achievement in the battlefield, he would definitely trample on the dandy Xi Rui.

In Xiaxi village, at the Xiao familys residence.

Xiao Hanzheng had just finished checking Fei Congjuns pulse when Third Son Shi and his wife suddenly came to their door.

They sat down while Shi Qingluo poured them two cups of sweet drinks.

Most people in the village did not like to drink tea, and usually treated their guests with sweet drinks.

Shi Qingluo asked, “Is there anything wrong”


Other than going to the Taoist temple every day to pray for a son, Third Son Shi usually wouldnt come to find her.

There must be something wrong that brought them here today.

Fei Yuzhe, who was about to bring his nephew back to his room, suddenly decided to continue sitting when he heard her question.

Since Shi Qingluo did not chase them away, it meant that they could overhear the conversation.

Furthermore, Shi Qingluo had let Liang Youxiao listen to her previous conversation too.

Hence, Third Son Shi was accustomed to it when the two noblemen from the capital didnt make their move.

“Someone came to look for your mother and I.”

Third Son Shi continued, “They said that they would give us 300 taels of silver to cause stir trouble for you.

“If we can ruin your purity and reputation, we will receive additional 200 taels of silver.”

If this happened in the past, 500 taels would definitely make their hearts move.

But now, firstly, they wished for a son, so they couldnt do that.

Secondly, they were really afraid of their daughter, so they didnt dare.


Mdm Niu was initially attracted to this but eventually gave up after Third Son Shi brainwashed her.

Third Son Shi told her that they didnt even have a son and wouldnt need so much money.

This money would probably end up in their nephews pocket one day anyway.

Mdm Niu suddenly felt that it made sense.

The most important thing now was to have a son first.

On that day the old immortal manifested, Mdm Niu also believed that Shi Qingluo could help them ask the old immortal to bestow them with a son.

She said, “Thats right.

They even wanted me to think of a way to coax you out and find a few hooligans to ruin you.

“Then, they would deliberately attract others to find out about this.”

Mdm Niu looked at Shi Qingluo and found that her daughter was very calm.

On the contrary, her son-in-laws face suddenly darkened.

His entire body seemed to exude a cold air, causing her to be a little afraid.


As expected, those who were able to get along with this girl werent good people either.


Shi Qingluo asked, “Do you know who sent them here”

Mdm Niu said, “I asked, but they didnt say anything.”

Third Son Shi added, “From their accent, they seemed to be from the capital.”

Mdm Niu continued, “They are highly likely sent by the woman that your father-in-law married.

Apart from them, who would spend so much money to ruin your innocence!

“Didnt they spend money and let Doctor Shi harm your husband previously

“That woman even deliberately used her unborn child to frame your mother-in-law.

Shes so cruel to herself, and will definitely be more cruel to others.”

Mdm Niu had never perceived herself as a good person, but she believed that the woman that Xiao Yuanshi married was really vicious.

Shi Qingluo did not even need to investigate further to know that that woman was behind it.

“Yeah, I ruined a lot of her matters previously, so how would she just let me go”

She looked at Third Son Shi and his wife and asked with a faint smile, “What are you guys going to do”

Third Son Shi and Mdm Niu were troubled by her gaze.

Mdm Niu smiled embarrassedly.

“Arent we here to report to you We definitely wont listen to them.”

Therefore, she missed out on the 500 taels of silver just like that.

Her heart ached.

Third Son Shi was even smarter.

He asked in return, “What do you want us to do”

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment.

“All of you go to the county yamen to beat the drum and report to the officials.”

Third Son Shi was completely dumbfounded.

“Ah, report to the officials”

Shi Qingluo said, “Just say that my husbands ex-fathers current wife has sent people to task you to harm me.

She wants you to ruin my reputation.”

Third Son Shi said in confusion, “But the messengers didnt say that Xiao Yuanshis wife was the one who instructed them to find us.”

Shi Qingluo looked at him with a silly look.

“Ultimately the two of you are the ones reporting it.

I believe you are able to make up stories right

“Besides, its not really making it up.

It was obviously the womans plan to do bad things.

Youre doing it for justice.

“Its impossible to investigate this kind of case thoroughly.

Nanxi county magistrate is unable to investigate the generals wife in the capital.

“We just want to publicise this matter.

We dont really want her to go to jail.”

They would expose that womans hypocritical side to everyone first.

Anyway, the people in Nanxi county would definitely side with her.

When the opportunity came, the news would start spreading in Nanxi county.

It wouldnt take long for the news to spread to more distant areas.

In the future, after teaching Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father and his wife a lesson, there would probably not be so many fake madams around to obstruct their plans.

Third Son Shi immediately realised that this girl was trying to tarnish that womans reputation.

“Alright, well report it tomorrow.” He was really impressed by his daughters idea.

Moreover, she was always so unexpected.

You had no idea what her next move would be.

Even Fei Yuzhe and his nephew did not expect Shi Qingluo to fight back like this.

However, after thinking about it carefully, they knew that she was simply digging a hole for them first.

It would be very useful in the future.

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“You will definitely be glad of your choice today.

“Let my husband take your pulse and see if you can get pregnant soon.”

When dealing with the troublemakers, one could not always threaten them with a big rod and had to give them red dates.

Third Son Shi and his wife already knew that Xiao Hanzheng was also the disciple of a divine doctor.

Hence, the two became excited.


Xiao Hanzheng restrained the cold air from his body and took Third Son Shi and Mdm Nius pulse.

“Your health is not bad, father-in-law.

Theres no problem.

“Mother-in-law, you were previously not in good health.

Its unlikely for you to have a child now.”

As their expressions changed, he changed the topic and continued, “But as long as you strengthen your body with some medication, youll be fine after taking it for half a year or so.”


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