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The next morning, Xiao Hanzheng went to the county school.

At noon, he went to the Bai familys restaurant.

Fourth Son Shi also joined him here after school very soon.

The waiter directly led him into the private room with Mo Qingling and Xiao Hanzheng drinking tea and chatting in it.

Fourth Son Shi greeted Mo Qingling respectfully and handed him the medicine bottle.

He sold Eldest Young Master Wu completely.

Mo Qingling had already prepared a set of paper, brush and ink.

He asked Fourth Son Shi to write down the situation and give his fingerprint.

He even praised and encouraged Fourth Son Shi, which tempted him to sell the Wu family even more.

Some people from the Wu family were trailing Fourth Son Shi, so Xiao Hanzheng did not let Fourth Son Shi to look for Mo Qingling directly.

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Instead, they went to the Bai familys restaurant one after another.

It looked like they were having a normal meal.

After Fourth Son Shi handed over the medicine bottle, he entered another private room next door.

Following Xiao Hanzhengs instructions, he invited his classmates and left together after the meal.

Hence, the people sent by the Wu family did not realise that he had already handed the medicine bottle to Mo Qingling.

In the other village.

Shi Qingluo took the skateboard that she had made and asked Liang Youxiao and the others to meet her at the cement road at their main gate.

“This is called a skateboard.

Not only can it be a commuting option on the cement road, it can also do a lot of tricks.”

After Shi Qingluo finished introducing it, she placed it on the ground and slided it with her feet.

Soon, she landed on another section of the road.

She first demonstrated how to use the skateboard for commuting.

Then, she used the skateboard to showcase a lot of difficult stunts.

She performed them very smoothly.

Liang Youxiaos eyes widened as Shi Qingluo skated.

It looked so fun.

He wanted to give it a try.

Fei Yuzhe and Fei Congjun were envious also.

Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang looked at Shi Qingluo with admiration.

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Their sister-in-law was really amazing.

After playing for a while, Shi Qingluo slid in front of them and asked, “Do you guys want to try”

Liang Youxiao immediately said, “Let me try.”

Shi Qingluo stepped aside and verbally taught him how to skate.

Liang Youxiao had also carefully observed how Shi Qingluo played it just now.

Now, he could skate normally after going up the skateboard.

“This can really be a walking tool.

Its much easier than walking.” He skated a few rounds back and forth.

Shi Qingluo said, “It can really save a lot of effort, but only on a smoothly paved cement road.

It wont slide on a dirt road.”

Liang Youxiao nodded.

“No problem.

There are plenty of places to skate in the capital now.”

Then, he imitated Shi Qingluo and did some difficult moves, such as stepping at the back of the skateboard to tilt it upright.

However, it was obvious that had not learnt how to skate yet and immediately fell to the ground.

Yet, he was still interested and kept trying.

Fei Yuzhe was speechless when he saw this.

“Thats enough for you.

Let us try too.”

He wasnt interested in playing these difficult moves.

He just wanted to try how this would replace travelling by foot.

Fei Congjun was more interested in playing tricks on the skateboard.

However, he wasnt daring enough yet, but he still wanted to try skating normally.

Liang Youxiao reluctantly got off the skateboard and let them try.

Fei Congjun was the last to try and obviously enjoyed this skateboard the most.

Fei Yuzhe said, “If its for transportation, it doesnt seem easy to control the direction.”

Shi Qingluo said, “Thats because you havent mastered it yet.

“But this is mainly for fun.

I got someone to build a new scooter for commuting.

Itll be ready very soon.”

Skateboards were made for people like Liang Youxiao to play with, while scooters were another type of transportation tool.

As they were talking, Xiao Qingshui came with the scooter he had just completed fine tuning.

It looked like a skateboard with an extra handrail at the front and an extra thing at the tail.

Fei Yuzhes eyes lit up.

“Let me try this.”

Shi Qingluo demonstrated it to him first.

“This is easy to slide and change direction.

You just need to use the handrail.

If you meet someone in front or want to stop, you wont be able to stop with your feet if youre too fast, so youll need to use the brake at the back.”

She skated quickly, and then her other foot stepped on the back, and the scooter stopped in an instant.

Fei Yuzhe and the other two were amazed.

They tried it one after another.

Fei Yuzhe, who had a more mature personality, fell in love with the scooter at first sight.

This could replace travelling by foot when he returned to the capital.

The playful Liang Youxiao and the younger Fei Congjun liked to skate even more.

The three of them skated on the cement road at Shi Qingluos house entrance.

Liang Youxiao kept asking Shi Qingluo to teach him all sorts of tricks.

After teaching for a while, Shi Qingluo let them explore it by themselves.

She saw Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang looking at Liang Youxiao and the others with envy.

Shi Qingluo walked over and said with a smile, “Ive already asked Xiao Mu to make more skateboards and scooters.

Both of you will have one too.”

Xiao Baili was stunned.

“Sister-in-law, can I play too”

Shi Qingluo smiled and pinched Xiao Bailis face.

“Of course you can play.

If anyone dares to talk nonsense with you, just beat him up.”

Recently, Xiao Baili had been learning martial arts from Shi Qingluo and her husband and progressed very fast.

It wasnt an issue for her to beat up someone without any martial arts background.

Xiao Baili had great facial features.

She was previously like the malnourished Shi Qingluo, so her face was sallow and thin.

Her hair wasnt in good condition either.

After a few months of nourishment, she had gained quite a bit of flesh.

Her skin had become fairer and her hair had turned a lot smoother.

She also had a pair of clear and bright eyes and was a beauty.

Shi Qingluo was especially fond of this little beauty that she had raised.

She would pinch her face from time to time.


Xiao Baili was amused by her sister-in-laws words.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

Liang Youxiao and the others were speechless as they overheard their conversation.

Shi Qingluo was obviously trying to teach her sister-in-law something bad.

They knew that every morning, Shi Qingluo practised martial arts with her husband, Xiao Hanzheng.

Previously, they thought that they wanted to strengthen their bodies, but now it seemed like it was to beat someone up.

They really could not imagine the gentle and innocent Xiao Baili beating someone up.

After playing for a while, Liang Youxiao came up to Shi Qingluo and said, “Why dont we cooperate to sell skateboards and scooters”

Daliang didnt have these things, and he felt that they were suitable for both young and old.

The old and the young could use scooters as their transportation tools.

Those around his age would enjoy skateboarding too.

They could definitely make a fortune.

This might be his first source of profit if they succeeded.

Shi Qingluos skateboards and scooters were not only for Liang Youxiao to give to Xi Rui to play with, but also for business collaboration.


“But this thing is very easy to imitate, so youd better set up a large workshop after you return to the capital and accumulate a large batch before selling it to seize the market.

“Its best to carve a mark on the skateboard so that people will know it belongs to your company when they see it in the future.”

Brand awareness was also possible in ancient times.

Liang Youxiao rubbed his chin.

“I can do this.”

He said a little excitedly, “Lets go in and have a good discussion about this collaboration.”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

The few of them returned home together and sat in the courtyard.

It was soon confirmed that Liang Youxiao would open a workshop and find someone to build the skateboards and scooters and also sell them.

Shi Qingluo, on the other hand, had invested her skills in it, so she would receive 20% of the monthly profits.

She also suggested that the word “Nanxi” be added to these skateboards and scooters.

Liang Youxiao agreed.

The two of them also sign a contract, with Fei Yuzhe as the guarantor.

After the discussion, Liang Youxiao continued asking, “Can you make something that old dandies will enjoy playing too”


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